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June 2011

Alps Challenge

16 Jun

Tanni tackles the last leg of the Alps Challenge
Tanni drives an Argson mobility trike from Lambeth Palace, across Westminster Bridge and onto Parliament Square on the final leg of Disabled Motoring Uk’s Alps Challenge.
From 4th June a team including racing driver Nicholas Hamilton, Ade Adepitan and injured servicemen had re-created a journey across the Swiss Alps which was first made in 1947 by one of the founders of the organization, O.A Denley, known as Denny.
Tanni was asked to drive the trike on the final leg and into Parliament Square for a reception in the House of Commons.
Tanni explains why she joined the Alps Challenge “People don’t understand I don’t need pushing and still equate disability with what you cannot do” “We have to change public perception in a positive way. Denny* did that in 1947 by crossing the Alps in his mobility trike. The hope is we can do it again now.”
“It is easy to forget what a massive deal Denny’s trip was. In 1947 there was very little understanding of disability and he was venturing into a foreign country, just two years after it had been ravaged by World War 2 with no support, no mobile phone, nothing. This was a time when disabled people were left on the fringes of society, mostly they didn’t even have jobs and yet here was Denny crossing the Swiss Alps and pushing back the boundaries of what was deemed possible.”. We have come a long way in 64 years, but it could and should be much better.”