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June 2015

UCI Commission disbanded, read Tanni's personal statement here

29 Jan

“I agreed to take part in the Independent Commission investigating accusations made against the UCI as I have always believed that good governance and a level playing field are essential for any sport.

“Our efforts to ensure that is the case in cycling have been frustrated by a number of factors. It was evident early on that the lack of cooperation that the Independent Commission experienced from key stakeholders would make significant progress difficult and that a wider amnesty was necessary to give cycling a genuine chance for change. Having urged the UCI to engage in Truth & Reconciliation, I am  glad that it now publicly acknowledges the need for such action.

“However, I do not believe the creation of a Truth & Reconciliation process in itself answers the concerns that have been raised, especially as the process as it stands is still in its infancy and faces many obstacles before Truth & Reconciliation can take place. I also maintain that it is essential that the final process addresses the accusations against the UCI that the Independent Commission was first appointed to investigate, and which have now been placed indefinitely on hold.

“Confidence in the integrity of the UCI is vital for the sport of cycling. It is essential that they make full disclosure of all documentation and evidence to allow the sport to move on and regain its standing and reputation. My hope for cycling is that its key stakeholders can work together in a way that has not been the case in the past as they seek to make the necessary changes to the sport.”