• My Washing Machine

    22 June 2016
    Apologies yet again for those who follow me on social media but I have been having a few problems with my washing machine for the last two weeks.  It all… Read More
  • So what next ??

    30 June 2016
    The well known saying that a week is a long time in Politics but it seems in the past 7 days an hour is quite a long time.  Between me… Read More
  • How inactive are children in the Summer holidays?

    07 July 2016
    Much to the joy of children everywhere the Summer holidays are nearly upon us.  To parents I guess it is the usual chaos of what you are going to do… Read More
  • Degree Ceremonies at Northumbria

    14 July 2016
    Last year I was appointed as Chancellor of Northumbria University and we have just completed the Summer Degree Ceremony process.  I presided over twelve degree ceremonies, shook several thousand hands,… Read More
  • What happens to the Russians?

    21 July 2016
    The world of Politics has not particularly calmed down in the last week and just when we think Sport was going to be quiet for a while, and the final… Read More
  • And more on Russia

    27 July 2016
    With less than two weeks to go to the start of the Olympic Games, we are still unsure about how many Russian athletes will be there competing.  Last week I… Read More
  • The Games are upon us

    17 August 2016
    Another week and another update on Russian athletes. The IPC have banned the Russian team and taken a step that I didn't think that they would.  After the International Olympic… Read More
  • And more from Russia

    10 August 2016
    Another week and another update on Russian athletes. The IPC have banned the Russian team and taken a step that I didn't think that they would.  After the International Olympic… Read More
  • 24th August 2016

    24 August 2016
    The politics of the Olympics and Paralympics is moving on at a bit of a rate. The travel grant money due to be paid to get teams to the Games… Read More
  • 31 October 2016

    31 October 2016
    The countdown is on for the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Paralympic Games.  With only a few days to go and most of the team already in Brazil, people are… Read More
  • 7 September 2016

    07 September 2016
    The sun is shining in Rio today, I have lost count of the number of people who are so totally confident in their bodies that they seem to be walking… Read More
  • 21 September 2016

    21 September 2016
    I can’t believe that the Rio Games are all over and now every athletes thoughts turn to Tokyo.  The four year cycle of training begins again.  Rio was much better… Read More
  • 28 September 2016

    28 September 2016
    Apart from in Olympic and Paralympic year Football is still the dominant sport in the UK as a whole.  It dictates more pages of newspaper coverage than any other and… Read More
  • 12 October 2016

    12 October 2016
    I don’t know how many other people stayed up to watch the second Presidential debate this week but about the best thing I can say is that is a night’s… Read More
  • 19 October 2016

    19 October 2016
    At the start of this week, Manchester and then London celebrated the successes of the British Teams who competed in Rio this Summer.  Manchester was a parade, and in London… Read More
  • 25 October 2016

    25 October 2016
    I can’t remember how long the ‘Selfie’ has been the thing that people have wanted to do.  I get several requests a week (and sometimes a day) to do them,… Read More
  • 9 November 2016

    09 November 2016
    So after an interminable build up to the US election it is now all over.  I don’t think that I have ever known so much vitriol in political debates, but… Read More
  • 30 November 2016

    30 November 2016
    It is that time of year again when we looks to award shows, the build up on ‘I’m a celebrity’ (you either like or hate how well they get on)… Read More
  • 7 December 2016

    07 December 2016
    I love Christmas.  The lights, pigs in blankets, and Turkey and bread pudding.  What I hate is having to do any kind of cooking, the buying of Christmas presents ,… Read More
  • 14 December 2016

    14 December 2016
    I was walking through London last night and out of the blue a complete stranger stopped me and asked about London 2012.  It may seem strange that will a Games… Read More
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