• Keeping Memories

    01 January 2016
    From warnings of heavy snow last year, to high water levels this year it does seem in the winter time that we are experiencing different weather patterns from what I… Read More
  • I don't always turn down help

    08 January 2016
    I am going to have a bit of rant this week and I as write I know that it sounds really petty, but it is something that I find really… Read More
  • Should England have its own anthem?

    15 January 2016
    So England might now (officially) have its own national anthem. I am not sure it is the biggest thing on my agenda (or many people's) but it might be nice… Read More
  • Take-off was delayed!

    22 January 2016
    This hasn't been the most joyous week this week.  Welfare reform, more job losses in the steel industry, and trying to sort out a wheelchair user who has been told… Read More
  • Taking on Government

    29 January 2016
    A petition started last week on the campaigning website to stop Government cuts to ESA hit over 96,600 signatures before the debate started on Welfare Reform and Work Bill.  This… Read More
  • Am I Getting Old?

    05 February 2016
    When I was a teenager I remember my Dad saying that when you get to your late forties or early fifties you suddenly start going to a lot more funerals.… Read More
  • Looking for someone!

    12 February 2016
    I have been trying to track down a ex wheelchair racer this week to try and find out some information about a Lands End John O’Groats (or it might have… Read More
  • You have to remain passionate

    26 February 2016
    It was a slightly surprising email I received from the my local newspaper, the Evening Gazette’s, reporter Dave Robson to ask me how I felt about being on the list… Read More
  • Being Welsh on St David's Day

    04 March 2016
    This Tuesday just gone was St David’s Day and like a good welsh person I proudly wore my daffodil in to work (well until about 5 O’clock by which time… Read More
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