Christmas Telly - its changed a bit!

24 Dec 15

It used to be so much easier when there was only really two TV channels at Christmas.  I remember the excitement of getting the Christmas TV times (other magazines are now available, but I am not sure there was back then), and we all go to mark out what we wanted to watch.  My sister and I would have a different colour pen and we would have to argue about who got priority.  Whoever got ‘dibs’ on watching on the main TV, the other one had to go and watch the black and white telly where there weren’t even buttons for the channels, there was a dial that you had to use a combination of that and the dodgy aerial to have any chance at all. 

For one it meant that there weren’t was many films to watch and they were pretty much the same ones every year.  The Wizard of Oz and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were always on, but what made it magical was that was the only time you could watch them.  

My daughter can’t possibly imagine what it was like not to have a selection of films that you could watch whenever you wanted and just replay if you missed a bit.  When I was a child you daren’t go out of the room in case you missed something important.  You would have to wait another twelve months before you got another chance.  Now that we have the technology we do, it doesn’t matter if you miss it when it premieres on the TV because there DVD is probably already out and you will have seen it a few times. 

What hasn’t changed (even though there are plenty more channels) is the family ‘discussion’ about what we are going to watch but the decisions are a lot easier because this isn’t the one time a year we can watch that film.

I have also sorted all my presents earlier this year than I have ever done before (not for me the usual Christmas Eve rush).  I did all my shopping online this year and had the presents sent straight to my family.  OK, so it may not have been wrapped but the fact that they got their presents before Christmas rather than sometime in July means that I get quite a lot of brownie points.  Luckily my daughter thinks its funny to have her Christmas presents wrapped in tin foil (the best thing to come out of the comedy series, Gavin and Stacey).  I even take the time to draw on the outside with a couple of permanent markers.  Who said the Christmas spirit was dead. Anyway I hope that you have a happy and peaceful holiday.