Pssst…..I'm Welsh

16 Oct 15

I feel slightly awkward mentioning in passing that I am a Welsh Rugby supporter.  I was born and brought up in Wales and have still just about lived there for most of my life, but come next year that will change. I am delighted that Wales are through so far in the Rugby World Cup but also hugely disappointed for England

I may never say this again, but England should have beaten Wales.  I don't know what they were doing (there will be greater minds than me thinking about this). The question I also have to ask is why couldn't Wales score a try against a 13 man Australia, but I will also admit that they were just brilliant.

What has been great is that the organisation of the events have been amazing.  I remember sitting in a meeting where lots of the talk consisted around whether people would buy tickets. I remember sitting in meeting about London 2012 talking about exactly the same thing.  And everyone who said that no one would come and watch was proved wrong.

For the World Cup selling tickets is massively important because it is how the event is seen around the world.  And so far it is impressive.  Also the atmosphere that has existed at the games has been intense.  Talking to a friend who was at the last Ireland Game (and this is from a welshman) he said he had never heard it so loud in the Millenium stadium.  This is a man who has played for Wales against England there, and that is always intense.

We can argue till we are blue in the face about what is next for England rugby.  I am sure that many people will have a view about it.  Sport can be cruel.  It can just sometimes not be the right time (I know that from mine and friends experiences).  They don't seem to be rushing in to any quick decisions, but as far as the greater good of the sport is concerned they have done well

I will be interested to see in the next few months whether there is more rugby being played at a local level.  Certainly the RFU have done a lot of work to get the clubs ready and they will have to work hard to make the most of any legacy that could exist

I do think we're too hard on what we expect from major events.  The legacy of 2012 was always going to be challenging without investing a massive amount of money in to school sport and PE.  Whatever happens with the numbers of people playing rugby I think that they should be proud of putting on a pretty amazing show